We offer services throughout the Annandale & Somerville, NJ area

Your backyard is an extension of your home. Having quality entertaining space and a place to relax is essential. When you work with BVC Contracting, LLC, you will sit down with a custom deck builder in Annandale or Somerville, NJ to design your addition. Choose from multiple materials, colors and styles. We can add an entirely new deck, update your existing one or replace a damaged one.

Create a deck that works for your backyard. Call us today to set up an appointment.

When should you replace your deck?

You need your deck to be stable, secure and strong. If you're running into problems with your deck, it's time to hire a deck builder. BVC Contracting will take care of your deck replacement in the Annandale and Somerville, NJ area.

You should contact us for a deck replacement if your deck is...

  • Rotting.
  • Unstable.
  • Broken.

Damaged decks are a safety risk for you and your family. Make a deck replacement appointment in Annandale or Somerville, NJ today by calling 908-894-8252.